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Tips to optimize your shower routine for healthier skin


Showering is a daily routine for many, but opinions vary widely on the best practices for skin health. Recently, discussions have surfaced online, sparking debates about the necessity of washing every part of the body.

Expert advice on shower techniques

According to dermatologists, starting your shower by washing your hair is advisable. This method ensures that any residue from shampoos and conditioners, which might be too rich for the skin and cause breakouts, is washed away when you cleanse your body afterward.

Key areas to focus on

It’s essential to target specific areas of the body that are prone to bacteria and odor. Dermatologists recommend washing your groin, butt, and armpits every shower due to the concentration of apocrine glands in these areas. Contrary to some beliefs, feet should also be washed regularly to prevent odors and fungal infections.

Areas that require less attention

Not every part of the body requires daily thorough cleansing with soap. Areas like your back, chest, stomach, arms, and legs can be washed less frequently unless you are particularly sweaty. The face should be washed twice daily with a gentle cleanser, though this doesn’t necessarily need to occur in the shower.

Showering frequency and techniques

While routine showering removes dirt, oil, and bacteria, over-showering can lead to skin dryness, especially if using hot water. The frequency of showers can vary based on personal preference, skin type, and lifestyle. For those with dry or eczema-prone skin, showering three to four times a week may be sufficient.

In conclusion, while personal preferences play a significant role, following dermatological advice can lead to healthier skin and better hygiene. Adjusting your shower routine and focusing on key areas can make a significant difference in skin health and overall cleanliness.